We offer comprehensive investment consulting services, providing business and legal advice with expertise in finance and banking. We provide precise business guidance and specialize in financial instruments, offering modern services in legal consulting. We are a reliable partner for businesses seeking growth and global success.

We have grown from a legal consulting business with more than ten law firms under our company’s umbrella. We offer services to establish business units for both Thai and international clients, totaling over 200 entities. These include companies involved in real estate development, importing general goods for sale from abroad, opening franchise businesses within the country, operating warehousing businesses, automation products, launching sugar factories, yacht assembly yards, shipping business operations, chemical and medical supply businesses. We treat our clients like family members, providing comprehensive tax planning and business planning, contract drafting, and facilitating access to government funding and the Board of Investment (BOI). We also act as attorneys for our clients in business negotiations and legal proceedings in court.

We provide services for company formation and virtual offices, including rentable offices and co-working spaces with complete facilities at our own office premises. Currently, we are a company that closely coordinates with clients in establishing companies, factories, warehouses, and registering trademarks and food and drug registrations, along with handling personal matters such as visa changes, work permits, and personal taxation.

We provide warehousing solutions for international clients who require FreeZone warehouses. One of our key operations involves importing steel rods from abroad for domestic sale and further export.
Selecting FreeZone Warehouse Locations
Warehouse and Transportation Management
Quality Control and Safety
Compliance with Laws and International Trade Regulations
Communication and Customer Service

Facilitating business takeovers is a key service where we assist clients who have specific preferences regarding the type of business they wish to acquire, their budget, and the nature and operations of the business. Client Needs and Business Characteristics, Financial and Operational Analysis, Risk Assessment and Opportunity Evaluation, Legal Considerations and Agreements, Planning and Implementation, Stakeholder Communication, Long-Term Success and Profitability
By addressing these aspects, we aim to guide our clients towards successful business takeovers that align with their strategic objectives and contribute to their long-term growth.

As a highly capable team specializing in consultation and negotiation in both domestic and international trade, our expertise evidently spans various critical areas. The negotiation achievements you’ve mentioned highlight the breadth and depth of our team’s skills and experience:
1. Negotiating and Signing Agreements on Carbon Neutrality
2. Providing In-Depth Operational Insights in Trade
3. Facilitating International Cooperation and Investments
4. Importing medical supplies and medical equipment
5. Requesting permission from government agencies for electric vehicles Including requesting to connect satellite signals to the car.

Our investment advisory service in the real goods and services sector in Thailand focuses on providing useful advice and information about investment opportunities in these sectors. This includes analysis and assessment of feasibility, investment values, and economic factors affecting businesses in the country. Our service offers insights into high-potential industrial and service sectors, such as investments in product manufacturing and technology, which can enhance the country’s economic growth and increase job opportunities and income for the population. This service is tailored to meet the individual needs and objectives of each client, ensuring the best possible investment in the goods and services sector, adapting to the changing economic and market conditions over time.

Our office rental services in the Pattaya area and the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) offer a variety of office locations in key business areas. This service is essential for businesses that are expanding and growing in this region. It includes advice and information on the most suitable offices for clients’ needs, including details on office spaces, rental costs, and lease terms. We assist clients in finding the right options for their businesses and provide facilities for office rentals that ensure smooth and successful operations in the developing and bustling Eastern region of Thailand. This service is a crucial aid in business expansion and investment in a key area of the country’s economic development.

“Our Co-Working Space service in the Pattaya area and the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) offers a comprehensive shared workspace structure for businesses and individuals seeking a comfortable work environment. This service includes a variety of workspaces, such as open desks, meeting rooms, private work areas, and shared facilities like high-speed internet, a kitchen for cooking and coffee, and special services like postal delivery, printing, and business support. The goal of the Co-Working Space is to create an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, especially in rapidly developing areas like the EEC, a key point in the economic and business development of Thailand.

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